Cillian Murphy

If there has been an unofficial rabbit's foot in Christopher Nolan's last run of films, it would have to be Cillian Murphy. The actor has appeared in all three "The Dark Knight" films, as well as "Inception," and now he's moving sideways into the directorial debut of cinematographer Wally Pfister...produced by none other than Nolan himself.

Latino Review reports that Murphy has joined the ridiculously attractive cast of "Transcendence" which includes  Johnny DeppRebecca Hall, Kate MaraPaul Bettany and Morgan Freeman. As you probably know, no one is talking about story details, but we do know the Black List script by Jack Paglen (one of our Screenwriters On The Rise) revolves around an assassinated scientist who gets his brain uploaded to a computer. Murphy is reportedly taking one of the three male lead roles.

Production starts in May, and the movie is slated to hit on April 25, 2014.