Dwayne Johnson Lore

After scoring a surprisingly solid financial return for “Men In Black 3,” Warner Bros. had tapped that film's director, Barry Sonnenfeld, to helm the Dwayne Johnson-starring graphic novel adaptation “Lore” because hey, why not? After clashing with the studio over the budget, Sonnefeld has dropped out of the director’s chair—he’ll retain an executive producer credit—but THR is reporting the studio has already locked up a replacement.

David (not Gordon) Green, director of the forthcoming low-budget sci-fi “Echo,” will be stepping up to the big leagues with the Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott-scripted film which follows “a secret society of shepherds that has long held the line on the encroachment of mythological creatures, and when the succession line is broken in modern days, a woman finds herself shouldering the responsibility to stop the creatures’ return.”

Green’s directorial debut apparently had a budget of $5 million so we’re assuming he must have done some miraculous things with that budget to have convinced Warner Bros. to take a chance one someone with little (read: zero) studio tentpole experience. No release date is scheduled for “Lore” so Green should have some time to catch up to speed. In the meantime, his debut “Echo” hits theaters next year on January 10th.