World War Z
Sunday July 15th

10:00 a.m., Hall H - "Fringe"
The movie studios pretty much bail on San Diego after Saturday night, leaving Hall H to TV world on Sunday. Things kick off with the cast and crew of the excellent "Fringe," while "Supernatural" follows on at 11:15 with "The Cleveland Show," for some reason, and "Sons of Anarchy" showing up at 1:45 and 2:45. The big swinging dick of the day is likely to be the BBC's "Doctor Who," that'll be debuting the first footage from its latest series.

2:00 p.m., Room 7AB - Max Brooks
With the troubled "World War Z" getting extensive rewrites and reshoots, Paramount decided to skip Comic-Con with the project, but Max Brooks, author of the source novel, is hosting his own panel, described as "Zombie Survival 101," where he'll talk about his career and give tips on how to make it through a zombie uprising. Among his tips: don't let Marc Forster direct your movie.

2:30 p.m., Room 23ABC - Super Secrets: Lifting The Curtain On The Man Of Steel
We've avoided mentioning the comics-related panels for the most part, being a movie website and all, but on a thin day, there's one that looks kind of interesting even for the casual fan: a session hosted by veteran "Superman" writer Mark Waid and biographer Larry Tye examining the creation and history of the most iconic superhero of them all. If you're pumped up for "Man of Steel" after Saturday, this could be a nice primer on the character.