Man Of Steel

We would have expected more from Snyder, who seemed almost cocky about the project as he evaded questions about who the baddie would be and appeared almost indifferent to his attendance at Comic-Con, which would actually seem like the perfect place to reveal the villain. What a great one-two punch that would have been with the footage (note the reaction to Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin reveal at the “Iron Man 3” presentation a few hours later). Instead, Snyder and Cavill’s post-footage chat was dreadfully dull. When one Superman fan was so overwhelmed to talk to the two men that he broke into tears, Snyder and Cavill just stared at the man blankly. Thankfully, moderator Chris Hardwick seized the moment and raced down to give the man a hug and coach him into coherence so he could ask his question. It’s a rare day in Hall H when the moderator is the best part of a panel.

Here are a few other highlights from the post-footage discussion:

1. The Basis For "Man Of Steel"
During the audience Q&A section, Snyder was asked whether the film draws basics from specific comic story lines. “I would say it is a mashing of stories and ideas,” says Snyder. “I just wanted to bring the modern Superman into the world. It's for you guys who've been through thick and thin and for everyone else out there. I hope to bring a version that everyone can identify with.”

2. No John Williams
As to whether the iconic John Williams score will make an appearance, Snyder said it would not. Zimmer is certainly a great choice for the film, but he’s got some big shoes to fill stacked against Williams’ classic theme. “When we started working on the movie, the thing we decided was the comic character existed. The movies are their own thing. We had to act as if no movies had been made. Hans is going to do something different and it's going to be awesome,” Snyder promised.

3. Who Would Win In A Fight Between Nolan’s Batman & Snyder’s Superman?
When one fan asked the age-old Superman vs. Batman question in regards to Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight and Snyder’s on Superman, the crowd let out a collective “Oooooh” like a group of kids egging on a potential schoolyard fight. After a pause, Snyder grinned widely. “I love Batman. He's really awesome. But, come on, really?”

"Man of Steel" opens June 14, 2013.