High Road DVD cover

It's not often that you get the likes of Rob Riggle, James Pumphrey, Lizzy Caplan, Abby Elliot, Joe LoTruglio, Rich Fulcher, Horatio Sanz, Dylan Obrien, Zach Woods, Matt Jones, Ed Helms and Kyle Gass in the same room, but when you're veteran comic Matt Walsh, you can pull a few strings. Making his directorial debut with "High Road," Walsh called in favors to some of the people he's crossed paths with over the years for a stoner comedy that is unlike any other you're likely to see. 

Simply put, the film follows a weed dealer split between his pregnant girlfriend, a gestating rock opera and his illegal job that pays the bills. Things go from bad to worse when a deal goes wrong and he's forced to go on the run with a teenager he's mentoring, allowing for the rich cast of characters to come into play.

So, do you want to check it out? We've got 3 BluRay copies of "High Road" for some lucky readers. How do you win? Email us with the name of three movies directed by Todd Phillips that featured Matt Walsh. Good luck!

"High Road" is available on DVD and BluRay now. Contest open to U.S. residents only. Update: Contest closed winners will be contacted via email.