There's a lot of love right now for Rocky Balboa, and all the proof you need is in the reception Sylvester Stallone received after winning Best Supporting Actor for "Creed" at last night's Golden Globes Awards (watch his acceptance speech). Meanwhile, at the box office, "Creed" is continuing to be the most successful movie in the franchise in decades, and if you ask anyone if they want more, the general answer you'll get is: "yes." And it looks like a sequel is coming, but with a bit of caveat.

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Variety reports that "Creed 2" is aiming for a November 2017 release, but with "Creed" director Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther" due in cinemas just a few months later on February 18, it seems unlikely he'd be able to direct both films. That said, he is involved in the creative process, as we learned earlier this month he's already kicking around story ideas with Stallone. One of them is some kind of prequel-ish concept that would see Rocky Balboa and Carl Weathers' Apollo Creed (who died in "Rocky IV"). reunited, while another is a more traditional sequel following Michael B. Jordan's Adonis.

No word yet on what the exact plan will be, but it seems MGM are eager to strike on the renewed success of the property. Thoughts? Weigh in below.