Daniel Radcliffe Jon Hamm

Don Draper and Harry Potter as the older and younger versions of each other? If these reports pan out that could very well be the case.

Though originating from U.K.'s The Sun, who basically just makes shit up most of the time, the much more reliable Vulture has been hearing the same word, and it appears that Daniel Radcliffe is circling a role in a four-part Sky Arts miniseries that will see him play a younger version of a character that Jon Hamm is eyeing to take on. Again, nothing is confirmed, but that would be one helluva pairing if it were to happen.

The drama will follow two Russian doctors post-WWI (accent alert!) with Hamm apparently narrating the story and interacting with his younger self, played by Radcliffe, in some scenes. Not much else on the plot, except that it will feature "dark humor" and chronicle the doctor's attempts to cover up his self doubt and lack of confidence. Hmm.

Anyway, we'll see if this plays out or if it's just dream casting at this point, but Radcliffe plus Hamm? Yeah, that could be pretty good.