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David S. Goyer Won't Confirm Or Deny Lex Luthor Or Female Jimmy Olsen In 'Man Of Steel'

by Ken Guidry
March 27, 2013 10:04 AM
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There’s no doubting the challenges that screenwriter David S. Goyer faced when attempting to tackle the next Superman movie. It has been the thirty-five years since Richard Donner’s “Superman” and after the disappointment of 2006’s “Superman Returns,” the pressure to successfully reboot the franchise and make people relate to the superhero would be a difficult task for anyone, let alone for the writers of The Dark Knight Trilogy. Goyer talked about those challenges recently with I Am Rogue.

While Goyer was candid about when talking about those challenges, he was much more coy when they brought up specific characters in the film. When asked about whether or not the Jimmy Olsen character had been changed to a female, David S. Goyer simply said, “I cannot comment on that.” But perhaps the most interesting tidbit was his response when asked why Lex Luthor has not been included in “Man of Steel”: “I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven’t included him.” Hmm.

Well, a comment like that must be intriguing those who are greatly looking forward to the upcoming movie. And what nerds will undoubtedly cling to is the fact that he didn't outright deny anything. So...maybe? You will get to find out for yourself when “Man of Steel” comes out June 14th.

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  • John Michaels | March 27, 2013 2:48 PMReply

    The movie will also setup Justice League as well. . .

  • John Michaels | March 27, 2013 2:37 PMReply

    Lex is in the movie and will be played by Bradley Cooper.

  • ABC | March 28, 2013 7:20 AM

    Really? Do you have a link to that?

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