Melanie Laurent, Berlin

No, you’re not imagining things. Just five years from a 2008 direct-to-DVD low-budget remake, a new cheap remake of George A. Romero’s “Day Of The Dead” is shuffling across our screens next year courtesy of Millennium Films and Campbell Grobman Films. Deadline reports “House At The End Of The Street”—aka that Jennifer Lawrence horror movie—helmer Mark Tonderai has been tapped to direct the remake from a screenplay he co-wrote with Lars Jacobson. This modern-day version takes place “after the zombie plague has wiped out most of Earth’s population, [where] a group of scientists and survivors attempt to find a cure, and instead open Pandora’s box.” Production is set to start next summer.

Although we weren’t quite as taken with it as others were (read our mixed review here), John Krokidas’ directorial debut “Kill Your Darlings” made a big splash earlier this year and has made a certain studio take note. According to Deadline, Krokidas has been tapped by Fox to direct an adaptation of the Charles Yu short story “Standard Loneliness Package” that follows “a recent college graduate [who] gets an entry-level job at a tech company where he’s paid to experience painful events in other people’s lives.” The grad eventually falls for his boss and struggles “to build a genuine relationship in a society that’s becoming entirely virtual.” Partly inspired by “Her” perhaps? Krokidas has also signed up to rewrite “Highrise,” “a lush 21st century thriller inspired by the 1960s classic ‘The Collector’” for Fox 2000 with his 'Darlings' partner Austin Bunn.

The long-brewing remake of 1974’s “Uptown Saturday Night” will get another edit to its wikipedia page as Variety reports “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” director Nicholas Stoller has been tapped to do a rewrite for the Adam McKay-helmed film. Set to star both Will Smith and Denzel Washington, all involved parties are invested in getting the film ready for a summer 2014 shoot as long as Stoller’s new draft—set for delivery next month -- is up to snuff. The Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby-starring original centered on two best friends that “sneak out to visit a high class but illegal club and trouble follows.” With “The Hangover” franchise over for now, Warner Bros. is surely hoping everything works out for this sure-to-be comedy blockbuster.

Mélanie Laurent is lining up her second directorial feature, per Cineuropa. Inspired by—not based on—the Anne-Sophie Brasme novel, “Respire” is co-written by Laurent and Julien Lambroschini, and stars Lou de Laâge and Joséphine Japy as two teenage girls whose abusive friendship turns deadly. Production begins in January.