Full Metal Jacket, Adam Baldwin

3. "Full Metal Jacket"
Yep, Stanley Kubrick himself apparently wanted Schwarzenegger to play the character "Animal Mother" in his Vietnam epic "Full Metal Jacket." The part would eventually go to actor Adam Baldwin.  "I didn't have time to do it" is all Arnold allows, which is likely true since "Full Metal Jacket" was released in 1987, and 85-87 was full for Arnie with "Commando," "Raw Deal," "Predator" and "The Running Man," the latter two both shot in 1986 and released the following year. Verdict? What could have been, if only to simply hear stories of Kubrick and Schwarzenegger on set. It's not too unbelievable either. Kubrick tried to get Anthony Michael Hall to star as Private Joker, but after eight months of negotiations, the deal fell through (and Hall has been kicking himself ever since). Kubrick, according to Bruce Willis in a 2010 Playboy interview, also offered him a role, but he was busy with "Moonlighting" commitments.

James Cameron, Spider-Man

4. "Spider-Man
In 1991, director James Cameron, who had already directed Arnold in "The Terminator," famously wrote a treatment (a 47-page "scriptment") for "Spider-Man." Electro and Sandman were the main villains and evidently at one point, Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson were to have sex in the movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger was frequently rumored as the director's choice for Dr. Octopus, which the actor confirms. "It never got there because he had a battle with the studio and they went in a different direction," he said. Verdict? Some who have read the script said it was "the worst Spider-Man movie dreamed up by man," and considering Schwarzenegger's godawful turn in "Batman and Robin" (it earned him a Worst Supporting Actor nomination in the Razzies), it's probably a good thing this one didn't come to pass.

Predator 2

5. "Predator 2."
File under: minor duh. Anytime a sequel is made, the studio and producers want the lead to star in the picture once again. And this was the case with "Predator 2." Schwarzenegger, who starred as Dutch in the 1987 film, evidently felt that taking the storyline to the urban jungle cityscape was a bad idea, was outspoken about his negative feelings towards the concept and eventually passed according to the 1987 book, "The Winston Effect: The Art and History of Stan Winston Studio" (Winston created the creature). Empire retells the same story, but producers say it was a money issue. "We should have had Arnold in the movie," producer John Davis said. "But the deal broke down over 250k. Which was a shame." Evidently the 2010 "Predators" script by Alex Litvak and Michael Finch (retooled from a version written by Robert Rodriguez in the 1990s) called for a cameo from Dutch arriving in a Predator ship, but the idea was killed off for unknown reasons (likely the fact that Schwarzenegger was in office at the time and that little cameo could have cost that thrifty production a huge untenable sum).

Bonus credit: James Cameron wanted Lance Henriksen (Bishop in "Aliens") to originally play the "The Terminator" cyborg in that 1984 movie.  Schwarzenegger, who had auditioned for the Kyle Reese role that eventually went to Michael Biehn, didn't want anything less than the male lead role, but after offering so many insightful ideas of how the Terminator should be played, Cameron said, "Just think about it, trust me. Re-read it." The rest is history.