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Director Steven James Says In Production Doc On Roger Ebert Produced By Martin Scorsese Will Be Completed

by Kevin Jagernauth
April 4, 2013 6:20 PM
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Steve James.

As the remembrances, anecdotes, fond memories continue to pour out for the late Roger Ebert, in a way, he's not really gone. His voluminous archives of reviews and blog posts will provide plenty of Ebert to explore for years to come, and in case you forgot, among the many projects the critic was involved with before he passed was a documentary about this life. And while he won't be able to give it the thumbs up or down, it will see it's way to completion.

"Hoop Dreams" director Steven James tweeted today, “We are devastated. But we will continue. We will finish the film.” James himself owes his career to Ebert, who along with Gene Siskel, put their voices behind the little basketball documentary, helping it to become a sensation, and shaming the Academy when the flawed voting process kept the picture from receiving an Oscar nomination. So, it's not a surprise he's directing the Ebert doc, with veterans Steven Zaillian and Martin Scorsese executive producing. The film is using Ebert's autobiography "Life Itself" as a guide, and Ebert is said to have been heavily involved, though the filmmakers had been preparing in case he passed mid-production.

There is perhaps no better tribute to Ebert than a movie from James, Zaillian and Scorsese and we're sure they'll give Ebert's remarkable life and career the honor it's due, while transmitting the passion he had in every word of his work. CNN Films has the rights to the doc and it's expected to arrive in 2014. [via THR]

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