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Review: ‘The Last Exorcism Part II’ Is A Cruddy, Boring & Exhausting Horror

  • By Drew Taylor
  • |
  • March 1, 2013 1:12 PM
  • |
2010’s “The Last Exorcism” was a mildly successful found-footage horror movie about a huckster exorcist (played memorably by hey-it’s-that-guy character actor Patrick Fabian) who accidentally stumbles upon an actual possession while being followed around by an amateur documentary film crew. It was also, at least initially, metaphorically rich, with the demonic activity standing in for domestic abuse and the violence often bred by small-minded, backwoods religious fervor. Of course, all that nuance was jettisoned in the last ten minutes, when the possessed young girl (Ashley Bell) gave birth to what appeared to be a small gremlin or possibly the young version of Hellboy. In the wholly unnecessary “The Last Exorcism Part II,” the young girl has survived the demon-birth (or whatever) and is trying to reacclimate to society. Unfortunately, the sequel follows the original too closely, so that any attempt at substantial dimension is undone in favor of hoary horror movie tropes.

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