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Review: 'The Salt Of Life' Is A Breezy, Charming Comedy About Growing Old

  • By Erik McClanahan
  • |
  • March 1, 2012 4:14 PM
  • |
To be sure, Grampa Simpson would be conflicted with “The Salt of Life.” On the one hand, he’d certainly appreciate that Gianni, the recently retired protagonist of the film, is by no means vibrant or fun loving (even if he is lovable), and he’s clearly a bit resentful and bitter with the natural passing of time. But on the other, one could easily describe Gianni as the kind of ubiquitous “sex maniac” he complains of in the quote above, from a Season 1 episode. Whether Abe would approve or not, though, we found this breezy, but never slight Italian comedy to be a real treat.

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