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On The Rise 2012: 10 Directors Who Look To Be Bright Sparks Of The Future

  • By Oliver Lyttelton
  • |
  • May 15, 2012 2:33 PM
  • |
Like it or not, filmmaking is undeniably a director's medium. It wasn't always like that, of course: it was only the coming of the auteur theory in the 1950s and 1960s that popularized the idea of the director as the person responsible for all that was great and terrible about a picture. And while anyone who's worked in film knows that it's a collaborative medium, there's still no better way of seeing where the form might be going in the next few years than by looking at the directors who've been making splashes of late.

Tribeca Review: 'Una Noche' A Funny, Bawdy, Hopeful Debut Picture From Lucy Mulloy

  • By Gabe Toro
  • |
  • April 28, 2012 9:16 AM
  • |
There’s a youthful energy running through “Una Noche” that threatens to overwhelm, from its sun-kissed first image to its final moments on the sands of the beach. Alive and vibrant, Lucy Mulloy’s often bawdy first feature is narrated by Lila, a blossoming teenage girl confused by her sexuality, alienated from the local girls. The language is Spanish, but teenage cruelty is universal, as her peers mock her slight body hair and tomboyish interest in taekwondo.

Tribeca: 'Una Noche' Director Lucy Mulloy Talks The Disappearance Of The Film's Stars Javier Nuñez Florian & Analin de la Rúa de la Torre

  • By John Lichman
  • |
  • April 23, 2012 9:41 AM
  • |
By Friday night, the whispered rumors circling the Tribeca Film Festival weren't which premieres were worth watching or how to get into a Bombay Sapphire supper club. It was far more interesting than that. Two of the three lead Cuban actors in Lucy Mulloy's "Una Noche" went AWOL after they arrived in Miami en route to New York City. Javier Nuñez Florian and Analin de la Rúa de la Torre had landed, but never checked into their hotel with co-star Daniel Arrechagan. Mulloy found out on Friday morning.

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