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With a May 2, 2014 release date already set, and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci hired to pen the script, barring some kind of box office meltdown, a sequel to "The Amazing Spider-Man" is pretty much inevitable. And even though Sony probably already has an option on him (and the rest of the cast) for sequels, when asked by THR if he would like to return for Part Two, Andrew Garfield gave the answer anyone could have predicted. "If we do one, I hope I can do it -- I hope they'd let me do it. I hope so," he said, adding cheekily, "I think we want to get this one out. They already have a release date for the second one. But no script! So we have our priorities in order."

Meanwhile, with the movie set to hit theaters next week in time for your holiday weekend viewing, Sony has dumped even more stuff on the web to either excite you or deaden the experience when you fork over your cash next week. By the time the marketing campaign is done, we will have gotten a walkthrough of the entire movie (and indeed, put these all together in one supercut as one person has done -- and you wind up with 25 minutes of footage), but clearly the studio has faith in the movie and/or a marketing budget to spend.

So scroll on down below to witness an awkward Peter Parker ask out a fetching Gwen Stacey (soundtracked to Coldplay, natch) and plethora of new pics (via HeyUGuys). "The Amazing Spider-Man" opens on July 3rd.

The Amazing Spider-Man Emma Stone Andrew Garfield
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The Amazing Spider-Man Emma Stone
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