Dwayne Johnson, Shazam

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t really know how to play the super hero tease game. Or at least, he’s not very good at it and if this were a Christopher Nolan project, the filmmaker would be having a heart attack by now. So the “Hercules” star already basically let it out of the bag that he’ll be playing Captain Marvel or will have a role in that D.C./Warner Bros. film. And now, unless he’s really screwing with us, he’s tweeted some not so subtle photos.

“Someone’s gonna get it” he writes and posts a photo of Captain Marvel, Superman and Marvel’s chief rival Black Adam.

Now, some are speculating that Johnson could play Black Adam and not the hero and the former wrestler turned star certainly looks more like the villain, but you probably don’t cast Dwayne Johnson to be second fiddle these days. The Warner Bros. panel is on Saturday and likely all or most of their D.C Comics super hero plans will be revealed. 

At this point it will be a matter of seeing whether the rumored release dates–“Justice League” in 2017, “Shazam/Captain Marvel” in 2016, etc. are true. But given the time period and Johnson being so vocal, two years until “Captain Marvel” doesn’t seem like an impossible announcement on Saturday. We’ll have to wait and see.