So you just got married, you're on your honeymoon with your (presumably) virgin bride and you probably just had some crazy, violent vampire sex. How do you keep that woozy mood of new love? You could light candles, put on a Keith Sweat CD, whisper some sweet nothings into your beloved's ear...or you could deliver a breathtaking Anastasia's Mate in a game of chess and hope that keeps the home fires burning.

Either way, Edward knows something we don't as in these new pics for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" he does something that at least no mortal person would do on a honeymoon -- play chess. But hey, it's certainly not his complexion Bella fell in love with and she clearly seems to be game (ha!). Yes, EW has dropped a few more pics to keep salivating Twihards happy. A baby bump! RPatz and KStew embracing in water! A wet bra! Will endless teasing never cease!?!?

Twihards will finally get some relief after three blue-balling films when Edward and Bella throw down on November 18th. Check the pics below if you can handle the hawtness.