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Recap: Every Feature We Ran In 2012

by Oliver Lyttelton
December 24, 2012 3:33 PM
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With Christmas Day falling mid-week, you can expect things to be pretty quiet round these parts in the next few days; there's not going to be much major movie news (though we will check in if and when anything does come up), plus there's not all that much in the way of new openings.

But we appreciate that you might be after some reading material over the coming days, and so with that in mind, like we did last year, we've put together a list of more or less every feature we ran in the last eleven months. There should be something for every taste somewhere below, so keep this bookmarked, and click away; there's getting on a million words worth of content found below.

Year-End Features
Who Nearly Starred In The Films Of 2012
Movie Music Moments
Breakout Performances
Scenes & Moments
Scores & Soundtracks
Worst Films
Films You Might Not Have Seen
Year In Quotes
Man Of The Year
Woman Of The Year
For Your Consideration: Lead Actors
For Your Consideration: Supporting Actors
For Your Consideration: Directors

Retrospective Features
Saul Bass

Robert Bresson
Tim Burton
James Cameron
Cameron Crowe
Tom Cruise
Michael Curtiz
Johnny Depp
Nora Ephron
John Frankenheimer
William Friedkin
Sam Fuller
Hal Hartley
Howard Hawks
Alfred Hitchcock - Part One,  Part Two
Dustin Hoffman
Dennis Hopper
Bob Hoskins
Jim Jarmusch
Nicole Kidman
Stephen King
Heath Ledger
Ang Lee
Spike Lee
Richard Linklater
Ernst Lubitsch
Sidney Lumet
Louis Malle
John Milius
Eddie Murphy
Bill Murray
Jack Nicholson
Christopher Nolan
Peter O'Toole
Warren Oates
Nicholas Ray
Rob Reiner
Harris Savides
John Schlesinger
Martin Scorsese
Ridley Scott
Tony Scott

Don Siegel
Whit Stillman
Oliver Stone
Tangerine Dream
Max Von Sydow
Christopher Walken
Denzel Washington
Billy Wilder
Joe Wright

Genre Retrospectives
High School Movies
Cabin Movies
Romantic Comedies
Fractured Fairy Tales
Apocalypse Movies
Teddy Bear Movies
Failing Relationship Movies
London-Set Films
Unfilmable Novels Pt. 1
Genre Remakes
Time-Travel Movies
Everything-Is-Connected Movies
Unfilmable Novels Pt. 2
Obscure Sports Films
Alcoholism Movies
Video Game Movies
Election Movies
Adaptations Of Russian Novels
Mental Illness Movies
70s Crime Thrillers
Gambling Movies
Soccer Movies

5 Things You Didn't Know About...
"2001: A Space Odyssey"
"Annie Hall"
"Batman Begins"
"Batman Returns"
"Blade Runner"
"Bonnie & Clyde"
"The Bourne Identity"
"Conan The Barbarian"
"The Conversation"
"The Dark Knight"
"Do The Right Thing"
"The Empire Strikes Back"
"Fast Times At Ridgemont High"
"Full Metal Jacket"
"The Game"
"The Godfather Part II"
"The Goonies"
"Heaven's Gate"
"Imitation Of Life"
"The Iron Giant"
"The Jungle Book"
"L.A. Confidential"
"La Dolce Vita"
"Lawrence Of Arabia"
"The Lost Boys"
"Mad Max"
"No Country For Old Men"
"Phantom Of The Paradise"
"Purple Noon"
"The Princess Bride"
"Reservoir Dogs"
"Rosemary's Baby"
"Say Anything"
"Seven Samurai"
"Sunset Boulevard"
"Superman II"
"Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan"
"The Thing"
"The Third Man"

What Worked & What Didn't In 2012 Tentpoles
"John Carter"
"21 Jump Street"
"The Hunger Games"
"The Avengers"
"The Amazing Spider-Man"
"The Dark Knight Rises"
"The Hobbit"

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  • Anonymous Hater | December 27, 2012 11:43 AMReply

    Self congratulatory nonsense from a bonkers liberal rag. Class it up next year Playlist?

  • Rodrigo | December 27, 2012 1:26 PM

    ha @oogle monster. Paging Katie Walsh who did them last year.

  • Oogle monster | December 27, 2012 1:04 PM

    Are you guys doing a "best comments" of the year feature? Please include this.

  • Rodrigo | December 27, 2012 12:02 PM


  • Glass | December 27, 2012 8:42 AMReply

    Wow, take a victory lap cause this list proves you're the best of the best. Seriously, I appreciate the shit outta you guys and please separate from Indiewire so you can become the Pitchfork of movies. This proves you've got what it takes. (sorry, had to say it again)

  • Karem | December 25, 2012 9:55 AMReply

    Wow, this is gonna keep me busy for hours. Nice work Playlist.

  • sadie | December 25, 2012 9:16 AMReply

    Sweet. Great features.

  • Kevin | December 24, 2012 11:36 PMReply

    All the links should be fixed now, thanks!

  • Z | December 24, 2012 10:30 PMReply

    Hi guys

    Links are broken.



  • oogle monster | December 24, 2012 6:06 PMReply

    Hey Oliver and company- Just a quick thank you for providing great news and up to date content day in and day out. The Playlist is one of my favorite sites and you betcha I have it bookmarked. Happy holidays!

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