Almost Human

If you've ever seen a horror movie, you already know that the woods aren't a safe place to be. And in this exclusive clip from the upcoming horror "Almost Human," it's once again a place of terror and dread, in a film that firmly nods to its '80s forebears.

Written and directed by first time filmmaker Joe Begos, and starring Josh Ethier and Graham Skipper, the film follows Seth, who believes a recent string of grisly, violent murders may be connected to his friend Mark, who disappeared in a mysterious flash of blue light two years ago. Mark might be back and even worse, might have a terrible evil lurking inside of him. And as you'll see in this clip everyone involved would be advised not to get too close to Mark, who indeed has returned.

"Almost Human" is in theaters and VOD on February 21st. Check out the clip below along with a pretty nifty alternate poster.

Almost Human Poster