I Used To Be Darker

Building to moments that are "true and satisfying," Matt Porterfield's "I Used To Be Darker" is the kind of the character-driven film that rewards the patient viewer. Following the success of his sophomore effort "Putty Hill," the director hit Kickstarter and ran a successful campaign to fund his third feature. And after a debut at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, "I Used To Be Darker" is now headed to theaters.

Starring Deragh Campbell, Kim Taylor, Hannah Gross and Ned Oldham, the Baltimore-set film tells the story of a pregnant Northern Irish runaway who shacks up with American relatives who are in the beginnings of a potential divorce themselves. And in this exclusive clip we see Oldham, who plays one half of the married couple, singing his band The Anomoanon's “One That Got Away” before finishing it off with a gesture that reveals the coiled emotions the character has been keeping inside.

"I Used To Be Darker" opens in limited release on October 4th. Watch below.