Among Ravens

Sometimes it's through the eyes of a child that the true motivations and feelings of the adults around them are revealed. And that seems to be the case in "Among Ravens," an ensemble dramedy set over the course of a July 4th weekend.

Written by Russell Friedenberg, who also-co directs with Randy Redroad, the film stars Amy Smart, Johnny Sequoyah, Joshua Leonard, Natalie Imbruglia and more, with the story following former college radical Wendy and trust fund baby Ellis, whose marriage is not what it appears to be on the outside. And Ellis' daughter Joey witnesses how it unfolds over the holiday weekend, as the couple invites a handful of guests to their home including nature photographer Chad, who bonds with Joey, and has secrets of his own. And below you can see how Joey isn't so easily placated by the metaphors offered by those around her.

"Among Ravens" premiered at the Nantucket Film Festival earlier this year and opens On Demand and in theaters on July 18th.