Being called The Playlist, you would rightly gather that our ears tend to be attuned to scores and soundtracks, and one name we've certainly kept track of is Jóhann Jóhannsson. The Icelandic composer has largely worked on smaller, foreign films but has been taking steps into American cinema, notably scoring So Yong Kim's "For Ellen." But he's received his biggest career boost to date yet, landing the gig of tuning up another movie starring Paul Dano (along with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal), the critically acclaimed box office hit "Prisoners" (read our review here). And he's made the most of it.

Eerie, gorgeously mournful and textured, Jóhannsson's effort on the Denis Villeneuve film plays a big part in establishing the measured tone and tension that movie carries from minute one, all the way through to its gripping climax. And in this exclusive featurette, you can go behind-the-scenes on the score, with Jóhannsson explaining his process and approach to his memorable work on "Prisoners."

The film is in theaters now, and you can pick up the soundtrack in stores or on iTunes. Watch below.