Walking With The Enemy

Over the past little while on the big screen, we've seen dramas highlight the sacrifices and acts of courage made by those in World War II to preserve lives and memories. "The Book Thief" was the fictional tale of a Jewish man hiding with a family in Nazi Germany, while "Monuments Men" told the true story of art historians racing against time to prevent precious artifacts from being destroyed by an unraveling Germany army. And now comes "Walking With the Enemy," another film inspired by a true story, set in the faded days of World War II.

Mark Schmidt makes his directorial debut, both writing and helming the film starring Jonas Armstrong, Hannah Tointon and Ben Kingsley. The Hungary-set story follows a young man who disguises himself as a Nazi officer in order to find his family. And as you'll see in this exclusive clip, the horror of the war is not taken lightly by Regent Horthy (Kingsley) whose country is still occupied.

"Walking With the Enemy" opens today in limited release. Watch below.