Paris Countdown

Visual effects may be getting better and better, and superheroes may dominate the screen, but sometimes there's nothing more satisfying at the movies than a gritty, tense story and a good old-fashioned car chase. And both of those are present in this exclusive look at the upcoming French thriller "Paris Countdown."

The directorial debut of writer Edgar Marie, and from the folks who brought you “Point Blank” and “A Gang Story,” the film stars Olivier Marchal and Jacques Gamblin as best friends and club owners who are forced by the police to rat out their associate in a drug deal gone bad. Six years later, the man they sent to prison is released, and the duo are forced to fight for their lives. And as you'll see in this clip, they are facing a very determined adversary who wants nothing more than to get them out of the way.

"Paris Countdown" arrives in theaters and On Demand this Friday, November 8th. Watch below.