Least Among Saints

While Martin Papazian may not be a household name yet, he's quietly been building up a resume that includes stints on "Supernatural," "Dexter" and "24" with an appearance in this summer's "The Amazing Spider-Man" as well. But sometimes if you want to get a meaty, leading role you have to make the magic happen yourself, and that's just what he's done as writer, director and star of his feature helming debut "Least Among Saints."

Rounding up a cast that includes solid character actors like Charles S. Dutton and Laura San Giacomo, the film follows a military veteran who returns home to a broken marriage and uncertain future. He crosses paths with his ten-year-old neighbor, and endeavors to help him find his long lost father, that sets off events that will impact both of them. In this exclusive clip from the film, we get a nice tease of some of the repercussions of their bond in an intensely dramatic scene.

"Least Among Saints" opens in limited release starting on October 12th. Watch the clip and check out the poster below.

Least Among Saints Poster