I Play With The Phrase Each Other

Moving away from home to the big city can be a life altering experience, and in his debut feature film, writer/director Jay Alvarez looks to be capturing and twisting that feeling into the surreal with "I Play With The Phrase Each Other," slated to premiere in competition at the Slamdance Film Festival.

Starring Will Hand, Megan Kopp, Alexander Fraser and Alvarez himself, the film follows the neurotic Jake who moves to the city, with plans to meet up with his poet friend Sean. But when he arrives, Sean is missing Jake is left to fend for himself in a bleak landscape, which in this clip seems like the meeting point between Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch. And that's not all as Alvarez shot his film on the iPhone, with the narrative constructed entirely out of cell phone calls.

It looks like a fascinating experiment. "I Play With The Phrase Each Other" screens on Saturday, January 18th and Tuesday, January 21st at Slamdance. Details here.