Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family

For most parents, finding out their child has been caught not only masturbating in class but filming it as well, would be the beginning and end of the conversation as they decide what kind of punishment would fit the crime. But for filmmaking team Jean-Marc Barr (who plays Jack Kerouac in the upcoming "Big Sur") and Pascal Arnold, the incident sparks a much different outcome.

"Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family" is exactly what the title implies, and in the exclusive clip below, we see the sequence that kicks off what turns out to be an erotic awakening for three generations of relatives, who begin to (re)discover their sexual desires. Sounds like charged, yet fascinating stuff and the film is certainly arriving right on time, just as the summer heat is beginning to get turned up. If you like what you seee, IFC Midnight will release the film for viewing in the comfort of your own home on VOD starting Friday, June 1st or if you're in New York City, you can see it at the IFC Center. Check out the full synopsis and clip below:

After getting caught filming himself masturbating in biology class, Romain unwittingly breaks through his family’s treatment of sex as a taboo subject matter. The incident triggers his mother, Claire, to open a dialogue with the family, encouraging them to explore their sexuality more freely and openly. As each of these family members push the boundaries of their sensuality, SEXUAL CHRONICLES OF A FRENCH FAMILY paints a portrait of three generations taking their next steps in life.