Josh Peck ATM

Sometimes all you need is a setting to get the creative juices flowing, and for writer Chris Sparling and director David Brooks, it's something as simple as a cash machine in the middle of a vast parking lot that serves as the foundatoin for the thriller "ATM." For Sparling, he's a seasoned hand at getting the most out of a seemingly minimal concept as he proved with "Buried," while Brooks is looking to prove he's got the chops to pull it off, making his feature debut.

Well, now you can see what they've put together in this exclusive clip from the fim. Josh Peck ("The Wackness"), Alice Eve ("The Raven") and Brian Geraghty ("The Hurt Locker") star in the film that finds a young trio boxed into an ATM location, while a mysterious, sinister man lurks outside. In this scene, Peck's character believes the coast is clear for them to escape, but his friends aren't so sure.

"ATM" is currently available to watch from a variety of digital outlets including iTunes, SundanceNOW, Amazon Streaming and XBOX Zune. But if you prefer to see it on the big screen, it hits theaters in limited release on April 6th.