The Almost Man

Growing up into your thirties is not only hard to do, it's not that fun either, especially when you still like to party like you did in your twenties. But life circumstances can sometimes force you down the path to adulthood, and Martin Lund's "The Almost Man" navigates that journey with both humor and drama.

Led by Henrik Rafalesen, the story follows a 35-year-old man (also named Henrik), who is quickly forced to take on a real job and move into a duplex when he finds out his girlfriend Tone is pregnant. But as he feels the pressure to mature, he takes out his frustration in surprising and hilariously inappropriate ways. And in this exclusive clip, we see the sweeter side of Henrik, who dances with Tone, before getting the odd request to do it without irony. 

Winner of the Crystal Globe and Best Actor awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2012, "The Almost Man" opens in New York City at the Village East Cinema on Friday, August 1st courtesy of Big World Pictures. Watch below.