Not Fade Away

In the crush of releases late in the year, it's bound to happen that one or two might miss your attention, so if you didn't get a chance to catch up with "The Sopranos" creator David Chase's feature directorial "Not Fade Away" last December, now's your shot to give it another go.

Rock 'n roll comes front and center in the movie that follows four young New Jersey men -- John MagaroJack HustonWill Brill, Brahm Vaccarella -- who are inspired by the rising sounds of the 1960s and set out to form a band. But of course, their wild hair, loud sounds, and a generational clash of cultures don't make things easy. And in this exclusive scene, we see how that battle plays out as James Gandolfini warns his young son to show up for a dinner date at a restaurant looking presentable.

"Not Fade Away" is available today on DVD and Blu-ray today.