A decade ago, director Ross Kauffman brought viewers around the world into a place they've never seen before with his acclaimed, Oscar-winning documentary "Born Into Brothels." We haven't heard much from the filmmaker since, but he's back with another fascinating story to tell, focusing on the eye-opening work of a team of investigators who head to the darkest corners of the globe.

Teaming with filmmaker Katy Chevigny ("Election Day," "Deadline"), the pair are heading to the Sundance Film Festival next week with "E-Team," and it's intriguing stuff. The documentary centers on the titular group, who are hired by Human Rights Watch to document and report on war crimes. It's not an easy task, but as you'll see in this exclusive clip, the individuals involved have been down this road before, diving headlong into places where horrific acts have taken place.

"E-Team" will have its first public screening at the Egyptian Theater on January 18th in Park City. Watch below.