Cesar Chavez

Who is "Cesar Chavez"? It's a good question to ask, as young audiences may not be familiar with the activist, labor organizer and civil rights leader who fought for change in the '60s and '70s. But with his life getting the big-screen treatment, a lot more people will soon know his story.

Directed by Diego Luna, with Michael Pena in the lead role, the biopic will follow the man who endorsed non-violent resistant as he battled for farm workers to receive a living wage, all while trying to be a good husband and father to his family. And his influence quickly made itself known as we see in this clip, with John Malkovich (who is also a producer on the film) playing Bogdanovich, who hears word of the man who is causing a sensation. It's a wry preview and tease of the drama to come.

"Cesar Chavez" premieres this week at the Berlin International Film Festival and opens in theaters on March 28th. Watch below.

Update: Video removed by request.