Master Muscles

The high profile titles at Sundance you likely already know of, or have read about in our 30 Most Anticipated Films list, but the festival is also a place where some of the most fascinating work comes from unexpected places. And if this teaser trailer is anything to go by, "Master Muscles" could raise a few eyebrows.

Directed by Efrén Hernández (fun fact—he's the former chef at Nighthawk Cinema), and featuring the helmer alongside Jehina Malik, the 14-minute movie is keeping most of its details hidden for now. And even the synopsis is vague, only revealing: Veronica and Efren go on a trip. But damn, what a trip it is, with this trailer presenting a blitzkrieg of images both intriguing and unnerving.

"Master Muscles" has its first screening tomorrow at Sundance. Watch below.