Black Coal, Thin Ice

Slowly building a name for himself on the international film scene with previous efforts "Uniform" and "Night Train," director Yi'nan Diao heads to the Berlin International Film Festival this week for the first time with "Black Coal, Thin Ice." And with the film slated to screen in-competition for the Golden Bear, it bodes well for what audiences are about to experience. 

Starring Liao Fan, Gwei Lun Mei and Wang Xuebing, the film follows a down-and-out detective and his successful protégée who reunite to tackle a cold case and catch a serial killer still on the loose. This exclusive clip from the film showcases the tightly wound mood and atmosphere of the picture, and also highlights the grim nature of the crime being investigated, with a severed hand just the start of what's to come.

"Black Coal, Thin Ice" premieres this week at Berlin and is produced by Daniel Victor's company Boneyard Entertainment China. Check out the clip below.