Spinning Plates

While shows like "Top Chef" bring viewers into a world where chefs are already performing at a high level and looking to get to the next important step in their careers, for many cooks around the country, preparing a mouth-watering meal for Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi is far from the reality they face. And the upcoming documentary "Spinning Plates" serves up a different version of what chefs around the country at all levels are facing.

Director Joseph Levy uses different stories in his film to illustrate some of the unique challenges facing restaurants and cooks, and how their job is inextricably linked to their lives. And in these exclusive clips, we get an appetizer of those tales. In the first clip we meet Annie who works at the beloved Breitbach's Country Dining in Balltown, Iowa, which has been in business since 1852 and is still a family business, six generations on. Next, we meet Grant Achatz, a Michelin-starred chef who is battling stage four cancer of the mouth, and may have to get his tongue removed.

It's a fascinating contrast, and a nice amuse-bouche before the Maui, Naples, and Vali Film Festival award winning "Spinning Plates" opens on October 25th. Watch below.