Goodbye World

Over the past year or so, we've seen the end of society come in a variety of ways on the big screen from the outlandish comedic takes courtesy of "This Is The End" and "The World's End," to more grim takes in fare like "World War Z" that sees civilization on the brink of collapse. But in "Goodbye World," the apocalypse is viewed from afar, from the relative comfort of a cabin in Northern California.

Adrian Grenier, Ben McKenzie, Mark Webber, Gaby Hoffmann, and rapper Kid Cudi star in the film co-written and directed by Denis Henry Hennelly, that follows a group of estranged friends who reunited at an off the grid cabin, when a mass text triggers a crisis of apocalyptic proportions. And as you'll see in this exclusive clip, it's not necessarily hysteria that sets in right away, as these folks use the opportunity to take stock of where their lives have taken them.

The film, which we called "an entertaining and realistic look at what could very well happen when we consider the end of the world," opens in theaters and On Demand on April 4th. Watch below.