As long as there's drugs, good music, attractive people to hook up with and the opportunity to dance, kids will find a way to party. And as long as they find a way to party, there will be filmmakers looking to capture that vibe, which brings us to "Weekender" from director Karl Golden. While the U.K. film dropped in cinemas overseas two years ago, it's now getting a bit of fresh life coming stateside, arriving under the wing of none other than Kevin Smith who is presenting the picture.

Starring Jack O’Connell (who you'll next see in "300: Rise of an Empire"), Emily Barclay, Sam Hazeldine and Henry Lloyd-Hughes ("The Inbetweeners"), the film follows best friends Matt and Dylan, who are in their early 20s and eager to break into the thriving Manchester music scene of the 1990s. And while their rise includes VIP rooms and parties in Ibiza, their success brings with it some darker consequences as well. In this exclusive clip, you'll get a quick history of acid house parties and a look at the trippy poster for the film.

"Weekender" opens in theaters and on demand on September 20th.

Weekender Poster