The Numbers Station John Cusack Malin Akerman

John Cusack has been making some interesting career twists and turns, last year starring in projects as diverse as the Gothic procedural "The Raven" and the Southern pulp "The Paperboy." Recently at the Tribeca Film Festival, his latest turn as a curmudgeonly but brilliant writer in "Adult World" was unveiled. And this weekend we'll see the actor move back into thriller mode with "The Numbers Station," and we've got an exclusive clip from the movie to share.

Co-starring Malin Akerman, the film finds Cusack playing a disgraced black ops agent tasked with the dead-end job of protecting a code operator (Akerman) for an isolated covert CIA broadcast station. But when the station comes under siege from an elite team of unknown enemies, the pair have to team up to save their lives and try to uncover and stop the evil plot from unfolding. In the scene below, you'll see the characters played by Cusack and Akerman trying to figure out their next move after the ambush.

"The Numbers Station" opens today in limited release.