American Milkshake

Longing for the '90s? Looking for a movie that understands why you still have Tupac and Biggie rockin' your playlist? Well writer and directors David Andalman and Mariko Munro may have what you're seeking with "American Milkshake," a teen comedy that doesn't mind throwing back to the days when the West and East sides where still beefing.

Starring Tyler Ross, "Half Nelson" star Shareeka Epps, Harrison's daughter Georgia Ford, Eshan Bay, Leo Fitzpatrick and Danny Burstein, the movie follows bookish nerd and high-school student Jolie Jolson who is looking to get into the gangsta crowd at his school by making the varsity basketball team. This will give him a street cred, a new rep and importantly, only requires him to reinvent himself. In this exclusive clip, we see Jolie make the team and celebrate with the enthusiasm you might expect from someone who didn't think he stood a chance.

Phase 4 Films will release the film under their newly minted Kevin Smith Movie Club banner in select theaters and on VOD on Friday, September 6th. Watch below.