Neil Young Journeys
Up Close and Personal
The passion of Young’s performance is captured brilliantly by Demme, at times right up and in the face of Young as he belts out lyrics from “Hey Hey My My,” “Down by the River” and others. “There’s two songs where we have that super-wide, super-close angle and it really focuses more on his mouth than on his face. We had that for every song, but I wanted to use that for 'Down By the River' because it felt like the right place to be, standing right there with this guy who’s confessing this horrible thing that he’s just done. So it really felt right on that song. And then later it’s kind of a deranged angle, a deranged shot, so when he sings “Hitchhiker” and tells the story of all the drugs he’s taken and how wigged out he got over the years, that seemed like a fantastic angle to use for that song.”

While some artists might question a director placing a camera inches from their face, Young has a trust of Demme and a lack of vanity. He’s much too wrapped up in the music to worry about such things. “Neil really doesn’t have any of that appearance vanity,” says Demme. “He looks like what he looks like and he doesn’t worry about that. All his energy is focused into telling a great story with every song. And I think that Neil, who is so cinematic himself, sees the power of that show. So I would imagine at the end of the day he’s like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool.’ ”

Road-Tripping with Neil
The intimacy of the performances in “Journeys” is juxtaposed nicely with a seat beside Young in his Crown Vic traveling down the open road. “There were two reasons that I wanted to do that. One was that I felt it would be a dimension that we hadn’t really done on the other films and it would help to define the originality of this film as opposed to our other films together. And also, these songs are so intense, it will be great to bring some oxygen into these films. For example, we go on this run from 'Ohio' to 'Down by the River' to 'Sign of Love,' three powerful songs. Let’s open up for a while and savor that intensity before jumping in for more.”

DVD Plans and Future Collaborations
The DVD/Blu-ray release for “Journeys” will likely feature additional performances from the Massey Hall show along with more footage from the road trip. “There’s about five songs that we didn’t put in. So we do have songs that were great that will be bonus features on the DVD. And we are in the process of selecting more things. There were a lot of fun moments in the car ride, so we’ll have a little sidebar of that stuff too.”

Demme has now finished a third film with Young, a “de facto trilogy” in Demme’s words. As to whether the two will collaborate again, Demme says he is very open to the possibility. “It’s really only a trilogy because now there’s three films,” Demme tells The Playlist. “I hope that we work together again. I love working with him. I think that he’s a brilliant artist and a great person. He’s just cinematic. There’s something about him.”

“Neil Young Journeys” opens on June 29th.