The Republic Of Rick

The official state motto of Texas is "Friendship," and for Rick Launer, he's going need some helping hands when his love for his home state gets out of hand in the upcoming Slamdance Film Festival comedy, "The Republic of Rick." 

Co-written and directed by Mario Kyprianou, the film tells the story of Rick (played by Dave Abed), an Alamo reenactment enthusiast with a love for all things Texas, who is ready to defend its soil. But when his zeal goes too far and gets him kicked out of the Republic of Texas club and thrown in jail, he teams with a group of paranoid eccentrics and learns what it takes to be a leader. And in this exclusive clip from the beginning of the film, we see Rick in his element, giving it his all during an Alamo reenactment.

"The Republic of Rick" screens on Sunday, January 19th at Slamdance. For more info on the film, be sure to hit the Facebook. Watch the clip below.