Writers Lily Collins

"I tell people the movie is like my hope chest. I just kind of put everything in there that I believed in and care about, and this is what came out on the other end. It's fictitious, but it's also autobiographical," Boone said, adding: "It's a little bit about my parents divorce, it's a little bit about a romance I had in high school, I based some characters on my brother and sister to some degree. I just put a lot of myself into it."

And some of that personal touch extended to the soundtrack. "Writers" boasts a score by Bright Eyes members Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott, and the songs as a whole helped guide the feel of the movie. "Music was kind of a huge part of the conversation process with actors. A lot of these actors were ilke me and they listen to a lot of music on set, on our earbuds. I wrote a lot of songs into this script, knowing I wanted to use them and we were able to get most of what I needed for the movie," Boone said. And indeed, the line-up is impressive.

"Elliot Smith, The National, Bon Iver, Ed[ward] Sharpe...Bright Eyes has been one of my favourite bands since Fevers And Mirrors came out. So when I met with the music supervisor for the first time he said 'Who's your dream [to score the movie]?' And I was like 'The Bright Eyes guys.' And somehow he helped make that happen. Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott scored it and Conor [Oberst] gave us an original song and did some other work on it and it turned out really beautifully."

"Writers" premieres at TIFF on Sunday, September 9th.