For any new parent, the pros and cons of feeding your baby with breastmilk versus formula opens up no shortage of opinion from experts, doctors, other mothers and more. But one documentary is tackling the topic, and not just exploring the choice to breastfeed, but the various other areas the decision often touches upon.

Directed and produced by Dana Ben-Ari and executive produced by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein—the creative team behind the highly celebrated doc "The Business Of Being Born"—"Breastmilk" follows five New York City mothers from late pregnancy until their babies are a year old, exploring the truth, sexuality, politics, and emotions surrounding modern breastfeeding. And in this extended segment of clips from the film, we visit each of the mothers profiled in the movie in a nice cross-section of the subjects explored from feeding in public to how breastfeeding has possible ramifications on the physical relationship between a husband and wife.

"Breastmilk" is currently playing DOC NYC and screens next on Tuesday, November 19th. There will also be a limited number of community screenings in the U.S. and Canada, and you can hit the official website for more details.