The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

Even twenty-plus years later, the name Jeffrey Dahmer sends chills down the spine. With the details of his series of murders still as grisly and disturbing today as they were back then, it's no surprise that his story continues to captivate, and the upcoming experimental documentary "The Jeffrey Dahmer Files" attempts to delve into the person behind the moster.

Directed by Chris James Thompson, the film presents interviews with lead detective Pat Kennedy, medical examiner Jeffrey Jentzen, and Dahmer's then-neighbor Pamela Bass, as they all weigh in with their experiences at the time. But adding to the eeriness are dramatic recreations featuring Andrew Swant as the killer going about his everyday routine. And in our exclusive clip from the film below, we saw both the documentary work and re-enactments together, and how they pair to paint an interesting portrait of someone no one ever really knew.

"The Jeffrey Dahmer Files" opens in limited release on Friday, February 15th and will also be available on SundanceNow. Watch below.