We Could Be King
"We Could Be King"

Lamentably, many cities and school boards have been forced to drastically pull back their budgets in light of the perpetually sluggish global economy, leading to staff layoffs, school closures and the removal of music, arts and sports programs. In 2013, all three of those changes rocked Philadelphia's school system hard, and in the documentary "We Could Be King," we see how it affected two rival high schools which were forced to come together in sports and spirit.

Directed by Judd Ehrlich, the film centers on the coaches, staff and students of Martin Luther King High School who had absorbed the population of the recently shuttered Germantown High School. The MLK football team hadn't won a game in two years, and it's up to coach Ed Dunn not only to whip his athletes into shape, but to keep them from each other's throats. In this exclusive clip from the doc, you'll see a summary of what caused these two high schools to be brought together under the same roof.

"We Could Be King" is now playing on VOD. Watch below.