We live in age of images, from Instagram to SnapChat, from the visuals of big screen spectacles to the intimacy of small screen dramas, to even the photos we carry around in our pockets on our phone. But what if one image took hold and you couldn't let go?

Written and directed by Luiso Berdejo, and starring Junio Valverde, Leticia Dolera, Miriam Giovanelli, Ricardo Darín, Carlos Bardem, and Erik Palladino, the film follows Alex, living in Santa Monica, California, who one day finds a Polaroid picture of beautiful girl and promptly falls madly in love with her. He determines to track her down and soon begins a journey that will forge a connection with his deceased grandfather, while also taking Alex to the depths of his soul. In this exclusive clip, we get a nice sense of the nervy tone of the film, as well as the visual approach, which finds Berdejo mixing media.

"Violet" is playing the upcoming Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and will have its first screening on Friday, February 7th. Watch below.