Stephanie In The Water
Bond/360 "Stephanie in the Water"

In sports, you can have it all one moment, and be left with nothing the next. A corner kick will find the net, or maybe an outfielder will leap and snag the ball that was going to be a home run—it's these kind of things that come with the territory of being an athlete. But what happens when it's the outside world that changes thing? That's the question explored in the upcoming documentary, "Stephanie In The Water."

Directed by Ava Warbrick, the film chronicles Australian professional surfer and world champion Stephanie Gilmore, who became the first surfer of any gender to win four consecutive world titles beginning with her rookie year. Everything seemed to be going her way until one evening in 2010, she was attacked outside her home. It shone a different kind of spotlight on the athlete, and the doc explores her career, surf culture and how she got back on the board after that violent incident. And below, in this exclusive trailer, you can see the acclaim Gilmore earned before one fateful night changed things.

"Stephanie In The Water" is available digitally via Bond/360 starting on August 5th, and you can pre-order now on iTunes or at the official website. Watch below.