AC/DC probably said it best when they sang, "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n roll." But really, that observation could apply to any artist in any genre, living out of a backpack and guitar case, trying to make a living playing music. It's not an easy life, particularly if you're trying to raise a family or stick to your own distinct musical vision despite its difference from mainstream tastes, and it's something that's explored in the upcoming documentary "Folk."

Directed by Sara Terry (Fambul Tok), the movie explores the new indie folk scene, where house concerts, and playing for cramped, but enthusiastic audiences of 20-30 people is the new norm. Social networking and folk conferences also help keep musicians and fans (and sometimes folks who are both) connected, all while they hit the road, trying to live the dream. And in this exclusive trailer, you'll see the variety of stories Terry spins in "Folk," from a four-month pregnant singer making her way on the scene, to a briefly famous folkster still clinging to that past glory. It's all compelling stuff, and looks to be warmly told.

"Folk" will premiere at the Nashville Film Festival this Friday, April 19th at the Regal Green Hills Cinema. Watch below.

Folk Poster