Next door neighbors can be a source of joy, new friends found thanks to the convenience of addresses, who find their way into the fabric of your life. But they can also be nuisances, the kind of people you'd want to wash out of the fabric of your life. But in the upcoming thriller "7E," they may hold the key to a mystery...

Today, we're unveiling the exclusive trailer for the film, the directorial debut of writer and director Teddy Schenck. Starring Brendan Sexton III, James Russo, Armando Riesco and Natasha Lyonne, the story centers on Clyde (Sexton III), a young man who begins to experience unexplained events inside of a New York apartment surrounding the death of its former tenant. Neighbors and a local bartender may be crucial to Clyde finding the answers he's looking for, but as you'll see in the spot below, the journey to get the bottom of it could be dangerous.

Schenck shot the film digitally on RED and the picture features a score by Billy Martin of jazz/jam band Medeski, Martin & Wood. And you'll be able to snap up that soundtrack via Amulet Records at the same time the film drops on DVD, VOD and digital outlets starting on December 10th. Check out the trailer below.