At least within in the American studio system, animated films are generally made for kids, and if they happen to entertain adults at the same time, that's just a happy byproduct. But indie and foreign filmmakers continue to tell inventive, rich stories using the medium, in pictures crafted for grownups, and one you'll likely want to track down this summer is "Wrinkles."

Co-written and directed by Spanish director Ignacio Ferreras, and the winner of two Goya Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Animated Film, "Wrinkles" follows Emilio, a former bank manager sent to retirement home by his family, who learns the ropes of life on the inside from Miguel. And as you'll see in this exclusive U.S. trailer it's a movie about what it means to get older, all delivered with a youthful spirit.

Featuring the voices of Martin Sheen, Matthew Modine and George Coe, "Wrinkles" opens at the IFC Center on July 4th in New York and will be available on digital and DVD July 15th. Watch below.